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Wake up; Stef has bad back pain, probably muscular. I spill raspberry juice on his pillow and then we both have showers, both cold due to lack of hot water in either shower. We go to Argos to collect stuff. Stef asks me to buy batteries while he waits for his stuff. The woman gives me the wrong ones and I don't notice. I go back 30 seconds later and she is on her break. After much faff we leave Argos with what we need. Hopefully the day will start getting better now.

And thence to Nando's, where my bag is stolen in classic 'swipe while back is turned' scam. It doesn't help my mood with my man that Stef had dragged my chair across to his and turned me round bodily in order to kiss me, during which time 2 blokes start loitering behind me, and Stef notices them but thinks nothing of it. I am not even aware of their existence, or I think I would have figured it as suspicious. Of course, I can't hear in my right ear, behind which they are standing. Instead, I enjoy the humiliation of watching it on the CCTV afterwards. Jesus Christ: I was practically touching them. It takes ages to cancel cards; in fact I'm not sure exactly what was in my bag and as the hours pass more occurs to me; I am annoyed, for example, that my Ace discount card and guidebook are both in my bag: my thieves could easily be running all over London now, getting discounts in restaurants, the cunts.

We go back to my place where Stef changes the Yale lock in the door and we issue keys to Jess, who is in the house, and Mat, who is working in the pub (I go in to see him, and am surprised to find him on his own: surely The Walnut Tree needs more than one cook on a Saturday evening?). Decide to go back to Stef's to try to chill. Of course, when we get there his parents have locked the door to their flat at the bottom lock; Stef doesn't realise and sets off the burglar alarm, and cannot get in to turn it off. He calls his parents (who are visiting his brother in Chadwell Heath) and instructs them to get home. We spend 45 minutes sitting in Stef's room (we are in the front door already; Stef's rooms are separate from his parents' rooms) feeling not very good as he puts on Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 very loudly in an attempt to mask the fucking noise of the indefatigable bell. Then when his parents get back everybody starts shouting at each other. Meanwhile Marek is smirking at me with a "you know you've been daft, don't you" expression of smug on his face re: me getting my bag stolen.

Stef and I retire upstairs, where I have an unexpected experience: I go into shock. I do not remember experiencing it before and do not recognise it, although Stef does. It begins with feeling surprisingly cold, progresses through feeling fucking cold even though I have 2 layers of clothes on and am under 2 duvets, and continues with shivers, uncontrollable wailing, feelings of doom and it being exceptionally hard work to breathe. Additionally, Stef informs me I am pale and have blue lips. It eventually passes and I get a grip. Later, I can't sleep. Stef's snoring seems louder than normal (even though I know it isn't) and it is setting me on edge. I retire to the sofa next door, where I have a series of 'just want everything to go away' moments and tears, before in sheer exhaustion I drop off to sleep. Stef pops his head round the door later and brings me back to bed.

On Sunday, I sort out giving Laura her new key, and do so so that Stef and I can make an appointment with Amela, his ex, who has invited us to a dinner party she is giving at her house. Stef doesn't want to go, and all day is looking for me to give him an excuse not to. In the end he cancels at the last minute and Amela takes it badly. Stef lies and says I have had my stuff stolen today rather than yesterday and I am expected to back him up. On the phone a frosty Amela comments that someone who is already at her party (has had their wallet stolen recently too ("well not today, but a few days ago..."), thereby insinuating that I should damn well make the effort. I resist the urge to tell her that she's un unreasonable selfish bitch and it's no wonder Stef doesn't love her any more.

Stef and I drink beer and look at houses we can't afford to buy. It makes us feel better.

How was *your* weekend?
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