Anne (ajva) wrote,


I'm doing quite well on timehunt, but not having quicktime is a bugger because I really need to get through the Jupiter gateway, since it affects a lot of other stuff I need to do. It is especially frustrating as I know exactly how to do it, it is a straightforward process, and it is the only time I will need Quicktime.

Is there anyone reading this whose computer can cope with flash, shockwave and quicktime, and who would be prepared to do a small task for me for 10 minutes? This would involve going to the timehunt website, logging in as me, and then getting me through the gateway. It is an interesting site anyway and you might find you get into it. Either way, I will get you a bottle of alcohol of your choice in the new year, when I have access to my money again (cf: stolen bag sob story).

Please please please I would be very grateful. :o)
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