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I can't concentrate...

...because I'm starting to wonder - even though we had a damn good look a few days ago - if I might have contracted the THING household lice after all. My head is not exceedingly itchy, but I remain suspicious.

Dammit! Is my head particularly attractive to insects or something? I must have been in E's presence only four hours, did not hug once, but did share the same bit of plush sofa as she did. Dammit! It's not just embarrassing - it's fucking expansive, too. And after my first adult experience of it back in February, when I didn't notice for weeks because I had no idea what the symptoms felt like, I don't want to get into the situation again where they get so big it hurts when they bite. As big, in fact, as a housefly when you finally notice. (!) (Yes, I know. But my hair was about 3 feet long back then. And thick as fuck. And I wasn't expecting them.)

And the people with smooth hair don't seem to get it.

Cunt. I can't concentrate.
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