Anne (ajva) wrote,

This really happened

Me: Stef, do you remember that bloke you had a fight with in the Smugglers Tavern?

Stef: No.

Me: No? But surely you do - it was at the first SMBis meeting that was up there.

Stef: No.

Me: But don't you remember - you went and had a word with him as we were leaving, and he tried to hit you, and you pushed him over, and he fell on the tables where everyone was sitting, and that jumper your Mum gave me was stretched out in the arm 'cos it got caught in the melee.

Stef: No.

(At this point, I try to think of other things that could jog his memory, but decide instead to try a longshot)

Me: You were wearing your leather.

Stef (sudden realisation): Oh yes! *That* guy.

FX: Anne collapses in hysterics.
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