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Things I achieved in 2002:

1) Gave up smoking (yes, I still smoke slightly on some occasions, but no longer make a habit of it, which is the point)

2) Got fitter. Took up exercise and stuck at it. And turned into a boring exercise evangelist.

3) Got my first belt in kickboxing, the first 'award' I've earned for a sport since my blue ribbon for coming third in the shot putt in my class aged 11.

4) Mastered some intermediate-level group theory and scored 96% in my exam.

5) Finally got started on the ear operations, as a result of which my right ear no longer threatens my health.

6) Learned enough Italian to consider it my joint-fourth language (with Mandarin, after English, French and German).

7) Flew to Paris on my own to participate in anti-Le Pen demo, thus achieving political soundness and forcing myself to fly for the first time in 9 years too.

New for 2003:

1) Inspired, I wish to take my physical exercise further and now aspire to run either a 5K or 10K road race after some training. But only if my back will take it, which it might not. This is a one-year only ambition; I don't intend to take up running permanently. But I do like to stretch myself and try novel things.

2) Change jobs. Specifically, I want to work for the civil service (like thekumquat). Failing that, I will change by the end of the year anyway.

3) Get out of credit card debt.

4) Green Belt.

5) MST 207 Introduction to applied maths. This is only a Level 2 but is a hefty OU course, and on successful completion of it I will have passed the Open University Diploma in Mathematics, the halfway house of the full degree.

6) Something else, as yet undecided. Each year has to have something new.

I achieved a lot in 2002. Most of all I am proud of the fact that I can resolve to do something, and then I do it. Good Anne. Here's your biscuit.
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