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Last Night

Had fun last night, by dint of going to the pub. In particular, I got Dr. D to come along with me to the tavern where Mr. Unpronounceable works, and we spent the whole evening baiting him.

The thing is, he's not allowed to serve drinks to people he knows, so we were pretending to be random strangers. For a while he didn't seem to be playing along, because he was saying hello and stuff every time he wandered past. Happily, we forced him into it when he came to empty our ashtray one time, and we asked him "Excuse me, will you settle a bet for us? We were wondering if you were gay." The wee bugger said he was. Later I went to the bar, got served and generously undercharged by him and tried chatting him up. On being asked "Do you have a girlfriend?" the comedian replied "I'm open to suggestions".

Which is quite interesting, really. Because that's probably what he says to all the girls.

I considered suggesting to him that he should try wearing leather, as I thought he'd look good in it, but I thought that might be pushing it a bit.

Note to random strangers reading this who're not good at picking up subtexts: Mr. Unpronounceable is my No. 2 Boyfriend. And he does look very good indeed in leather.
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