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Today I have...

1) Registered one of my new credit cards online.
2) Taken delivery of my new Connect Card.
3) Emailed Waltham Forest Council Tax people about ridiculous double payment mixup, dropping polite hints about "not being able to get through on the phone".
4) Emailed Spencers, Leyton and Walthamstow offices, setting out requirements for new house.
5) Sorted out cheque for Tiddlywinks club dinner.
6) Made the official call for entertainers for BiCon (see me if interested in performing btw).
7) Discovered my PC at work does not recognise its own CD-ROM drive, and therefore I cannot install my maths software. Therefore Stef will have to buy a laptop *now*.
8) Did necessary financial research.
9) Emailed dentist to ask to be taken on their books.
10) Done some work.


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